Find your connection point.

To get involved with the CityChurch, you can start with any of the following options.

1. Visit a Sunday evening church gathering.

Most newcomers to our church start with our Sunday evening gatherings in homes.  These meetings are the central weekly event of our churches, like the Sunday evening meetings of the Early Church who gathered together to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.  Our meetings include a meal together around the bread and the cup. times of sharing and teaching, as well as fellowship and prayer.  If you know someone in our church, it would probably be best to contact them about visiting their Sunday evening church gathering. If you don’t know anyone in our church, please contact the CityChurch office and we’ll help you find a church gathering near you/

2. Join us for a CityCenter Sunday Morning.

Consider visiting our Sunday morning equipping time––The CityCenter.  At 9 a.m., we have a common teaching/dialogue time, usually focusing on a series of importance to the church as a whole, but sometimes with an emphasis on learning through our Music and Arts Guild as well as classes for children. If you join us on Sunday morning, there will usually be someone near the kitchen counter who can direct you to the appropriate places.

3. Contact us.

We would love to talk with you in person and tell you more about the CityChurch as well as help you determine the best place to start.  For instance, we could recommend a Sunday to come, a class to attend, a house church to visit, or someone with whom you could talk more about the church.