Leadership Mastery I

Covers the beginnings of personal faith and lays a firm foundation for growth.

Leadership Mastery I is our basic establishment path for all adults. It enters people into the process of becoming established in their faith through a combination of personal biblical study, Socratic discussion, and assessment done individually and by church leadership. The goal of this program is to help each participant develop biblical convictions and begin living life based on principles about the gospel, individual and church family life, the mission of the church, and how to pursue wisdom for one’s entire life.

The First Principles Series I

The First Principles Series I is the biblical core of the Leadership Mastery I program. These four six-session booklets cover the process of establishing believers in their faith in the context of a local church––a household of God.

Becoming a Disciple
Belonging to a Family of Families
Participating in the Mission of the Church
Cultivating Habits of the Heart

Portfolio Guides

Leadership Mastery I Life and Ministry Development Portfolio Guides provide each participant and leader with the ability to assess and track each participant’s progress through the Leadership Mastery I program. We believe that self-assessment and assessment by church leadership is key to measuring, confirming, and continuing the lifelong process of understanding and applying biblical truth in each participant’s life.