Leadership Mastery III

Preparing our present and future leaders for ministry directly in the context of CityChurch ministry.

Leadership Mastery III is our basic leadership development program.  Through this program participants enter into a process of developing biblical convictions on the New Testament model for the establishment and expansion of the church.  Conducted in the context of local church ministry, Leadership I includes assessment done individually and by church leadership. The goal of Leadership Mastery I is to train present and future leaders for ministry within the context of the CityChurch and CityChurch Network.

Leadership Series I

Six Leadership Series I courses form the core of our Leadership Mastery I program. The Leadership Series is a collection of resources from BILD International designed to help local church leaders, missionaries, and pastors develop leaders to strengthen and expand the church worldwide.

Acts: Keys to the Establishment and Expansion of the First Century Church
Pauline Epistles: Strategies for Establishing Churches
Understanding the Essentials of Sound Doctrine
Leaders and the Early Church
Habits of the Heart
Interpreting the Word I: Principles and Procedures

Portfolio Guides

Leadership Mastery III Life and Ministry Development Portfolio Guides provide each participant and leader with the ability to assess and track each participant’s progress through the Leadership I program. We believe that self-assessment and assessment by church leadership is key to measuring and confirming the competencies required for leadership within the CityChurch.