Leadership Mastery II

Explores the biblical wisdom necessary for a fruitful life and the skills needed to be a lifelong student of the Word.

Leadership Mastery II is part of our basic establishment path for all adults. It enters people into the process of becoming established in their faith through a combination of personal biblical study, Socratic discussion, and assessment done individually and by church leadership. The goal of this program is to help each participant develop biblical convictions and begin living life based on principles about marriage, work, family/heritage, and how to handle the word of God accurately.

The First Principles Series II & III

The First Principles Series II and The First Principles Series III are the biblical core of the Leadership Mastery II program. Series II turns participants’ attention from the household of God––a local church––to individual households––the family. Series III moves from passages to entire New Testament books, helping develop a clear process for accurately interpreting these books.

Enjoying Your Relationship
Passing on Your Beliefs
Envisioning Fruitful Lifework
Building for Future Generations
Handling the Word with Confidence
Unfolding the Great Commission
Laying Solid Foundations in the Gospel
Catching God’s Vision for the Church
Living in God’s Household

Portfolio Guides

The Leadership Mastery II Life and Ministry Development Portfolio Guides provide each participant and leader with the ability to assess and track each participant’s progress through the Leadership Mastery II program. We believe that self-assessment and assessment by church leadership is key to measuring, confirming, and continuing the lifelong process of understanding and applying biblical truth in each participant’s life.