SIMA® & Your Lifework

Discover, understand, and explore the implications of your motivated abilities in your personal, family, and community life.

What is SIMA?

The System for Identifying Motivated abilities is a proprietary system developed by SIMA International, which helps individuals and organizations answer the fundamental questions of human purpose and performance and learn how to engage the hearts and minds of individual men and women in meaningful and productive work. Since 1961, SIMA has been delivering services to corporate and not-for-profit organizations in executive search, executive coaching, organizational effectiveness, and assessment.

Your Motivated Abilities Pattern (MAP®)

Your MAP is a framework that organizes data about you into a pattern that you can work with. It is not arrived at by a simple set of checked boxes that are analyzed by a machine, but by a series of life achievements that you summarize as you tell your story. Analysis is then done on your summarized achievements and your MAP is created. The result is a MAP that is uniquely you and organizes information about you into the following categories:

  • Your Primary Motivation
  • Your Motivated Abilities
  • Subject Matter that Reoccurs in your Achievements
  • Your Motivating Circumstances
  • How You Work Best With People
  • How You Prefer to Be Managed

Once you have obtained your MAP, you can begin the process of applying the insights that you gain from it to all areas of your life. You’ll discover implications in your education, career, personal life, community life, and social life. This process will reveal to you how you can maximize your strengths and manage your weaknesses in each of these areas.

SIMA Development @ the CityChurch:

We offer event-based opportunities each year for individuals throughout the Ames and Des Moines community to enter into and continue a process of development with SIMA. You can also begin immediately by starting work on the development of your MAP.

1. SIMA Weekend
Held annually in January, this event allows people to enter into the SIMA process for the first time and provides a venue where others can build on the development they have already started.

2. SIMA & Your Lifework Program
After you’ve taken the first steps towards understanding your motivated abilities, you can continue your development by participating in a 3-year program that helps you explore the implications of your MAP in your personal, family, and community life.

Through the program, you will:

  • improve the accuracy of your MAP
  • acquire a full undestanding of your MAP
  • design practical applications for insights gained from your MAP
  • enhance and enjoy your marriage relationship
  • customize learning and development opportunities for your children
  • Please email our office if you would like more information on how to enter into the SIMA process.