Develop a strategy for living your life to its fullest potential.

Lifen is our life planning tool that helps participants develop a personal strategy for living life skillfully in their individual life, family life, local community life, and life in the world community. Many men and women have achieved high levels of success in one sphere of their lives only to become complete failures in other areas. Lifen is not possible unless we live our lives skillfully––in our personal habits, in our families, in our local and faith communities, and in the world community, making an impact. Lifen is a tool that guides each participant in the process of developing a strategy for living this kind of life.

Practical Wisdom—The Art

Developing practical wisdom is a process that many people have never learned, making it unfamiliar territory. Lifen takes participants through a comprehensive process of grasping the “big picture” of our lives and understanding where we are going in our lives. It then focuses on the habits and processes required for each person to be in a process of acquiring wisdom for a lifetime.


To support the process of acquiring wisdom, we have developed the Lifen Life Stewardship Portfolio. The exercises in the portfolio provide a comprehensive life analaysis, designed to help each participant develop character, heritage (legacy), and insights related to every area of life.

Wisdom-based life priorities that comprise the Lifen Life Stewardship Portfolio:

  • My Story—What is my past and where am I going?
  • My Purpose—Why do I exist?
  • My Abilities—What are my unique contributions?
  • My Legacy—What am I intentionally passing on?
  • My Strategy—How can I make my legacy a reality?
  • My Habits—How can I pursue wisdom lifelong?