How the CityChurch Leadership works.

Our Leadership Structure:

The Modality-Sodality Concept

The Modality-Sodality leadership structure describes the relationship between our two leadership teams and how they function together to lead the CityChurch of Ames-Des Moines and our local, national, and international mission.

To understand this we’ll start out by defining Modality and Sodality.

Modality––Leaders who have a local ministry focus but also participate in the broader national and global ministry.

Sodality––Leaders who have a national and global ministry focus, but also are resident and participate in a local ministry context.

Leadership Executive Team

Our executive team is formed from the broad team of modal and sodal leaders within the CityChurch of Ames-Des Moines.  Patterned after the principles in the Antioch Church model and the Jerusalem Council, this team provides core leadership for the CityChurch.

Sodal Leadership––”Apostolic-Type” Team

Sodal leaders are leaders whom we believe God has gifted and given to the Church for the purpose of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” (Eph. 4:11).  These leaders work amongst our churches with a continual vision for the ongoing unity and maturity of the church.  These leaders also carry the vision and ongoing work of expanding the CityChurch as we plant and establish new churches.

Modal Leadership––Elders, Deacons, and Leading Women

Modal leaders are leaders who have been appointed by sodal leaders and have been entrusted with the task of the ongoing care and oversight of individual churches.  These leaders are the elders, deacons, and leading women in individual churches.  The primary focus of the elders is to guard the teaching, making sure the church stays established in the teaching.  They are the long-term authority in the churches.  Deacons assist them in the process, serving the churches and the leading women assist the elders and deacons as they shepherd the churches.

Benefactors and Patrons

Benefactors and patrons are not official leadership postions listed in the New Testament, but they clearly function in siginificant roles on both modality and sodality teams. On the modality side, their role is primarily assisting with the CityChurch as a whole, but they may be a church host or patron. They also serve a role on the sodality side as co-workers with the BILD International apostolic team.