An intense summer opportunity designed to help young adults develop a clear mission for life.

Immerse 2018: The Details

When: May 24- August 9, 2018
Where: CityChurch of Ames-Des Moines • Ames, IA
Tuition: $500*
Contact:  Randy Beckett, Assistant Pastor
* Special tuition rate available for CityChurch participants.

Who is Immerse for?

Individuals in college, soon to start college, or recently out of college who:

  • want to feel God’s impact in their lives over the summer.
  • want to be challenged and wrestle with where they are going next in life.
  • want to understand what it means to follow Jesus in this postmodern world.

How it works

  • We call them to make time–at this strategic time–to understand how your life fits into God’s purposes.
  • We challenge them to think deeply and biblically about how Christ’s teaching should guide their life.
  • We surround them with a family of mature believers, who are equipped to mentor them at this pivotal stage.

Be Changed By God’s Word
Many of us long for a real experience with God. The problem is that we often separate this pursuit from any deep interaction with God’s Word. The living God has revealed Himself in the Word, but we can’t find Him there! One goal of Immerse is that you learn to think biblically and regain the vanishing ability of encountering God in His Word.

Over the summer you will tackle two strategic sections of Scripture:

  • Acts––The book of Acts gives us a sweeping, big-picture view of our Lord’s mission. We are able to see what He has been working to accomplish from the first century until the day He returns. During the first of the summer we reflect carefully on this portion of the New Testament.
  • Paul’s Letters––It’s popular today to love Jesus but not love the church. The letters of the apostle Paul strongly challenge this idea. From these Scriptures we find that the Church and the churches are the centerpiece of our Lord’s work. During the second half of the summer we wrestle with the following issues and the implications they have for life and ministry.

Be Impacted By Community
During the summer participants will be involved in The CityChurch of Ames-Des Moines. A key reason for Immerse’s impact is the unique way it is woven into the community life of a church and of a city-wide network. They will make friends. They will get to know people, older and younger, who want to know them and will take time to invest in their life.

Participants will be engaged in the following community experiences:

  • Mentoring––They will meet throughout the summer with a well-equipped older mentor who will help them think through critical issues.
  • Life on Life––They will be shaped as people from the church family take interest in their development.
  • Ministry Responsiblity––Assist with informal and formal ministry responsibilities within the CityChurch.
  • Gifts Assessment––Their gifts will be assessed as they engage in ministry and participate with the church family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you participate in Immerse and take college classes at the same time?
We encourage students to give Immerse priority and avoid the added distraction of college classes during the summer. A single class can be managed if they are disciplined and motivated.

Can you participate in Immerse and work at the same time?
We encourage participants to have a less-than-full-time job. We assume that most people will need to make some money, however Immerse requires a commitment that will be difficult to fulfill working full-time.

Can you receive college credit for doing Immerse?
For many this isn’t a high priority. However, if receiving college credit for work over the summer will be of benefit, there are a few options that can be discussed.

What will participants do with their time?
Each week will be slightly different. Participants can expect their time to be divided up amongst personal study, group discussion, ministry responsibilities, CityChurch gatherings, and other informal opportunities. The experience has a good intensity.

Where will participants live?
Apartments are available for sublease in Ames every summer. You will also have the option of living with a family in the church over the summer for very reasonable room and board.