Antioch School

Preparing our next generation of church planters and leaders through accredited, church-based, and competency-based degree programs.

The Antioch School is an innovation in theological education, enabling us to train our present and future church leaders directly in the context of CityChurch ministry, giving academic credit and degrees for the demonstration of the ministry character, knowledge, and skills required by each program.

These degree programs enable us to train, assess, and commend the kind of leaders required to accomplish our vision of seeing churches planted, established, and multiplying as the gospel spontaneously expands across Ames, Des Moines, North America, and around the world.


The Antioch School is not distance education. Rather, it is theological education based in the life of our church, not a school “housed” in our church building. All the degree programs are taught in our church, by our church leaders, and for the purpose of training leaders for the CityChurch.


Rather than focusing on the accumulation of course credits based mainly on the acquisition of a “body of knowledge,” such as in traditional Western schooling, Antioch School programs focus on the development and careful assessment of a leader’s demonstration of ministry skill, character development, life in community, and biblical understanding.

Programs Available

  • Bachelor of Ministry 
  • Bachelor of Theology 
  • Master of Ministry 
  • Master of Theology
  • Doctor of Ministry in Global Church-Based Theological Education
  • Doctor of Ministry in Theology in Culture
  • Certificate of Ministry
  • Certificate of Theology