Vision and Plan

Our vision is to see the lives of individuals, families, and communities transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ as we live together in community, seek the welfare of the cities we live in, and network together as a continually expanding “church of churches."

Multiple, Yet One

The CityChurch of Ames-Des Moines is a network of churches––a church of churches.   The CityChurch is composed of smaller churches that are organized together with real structure and authority. The structure of our leadership and church network follows the Antioch church prototype, which is found in chapter 13 of the book of Acts.

Multiple Churches

Each church that is part of the CityChurch meets on Sunday evenings in homes around Ames and Des Moines for a meal, fellowship, and teaching and preaching. Leadership and shepherding of these churches are provided by elders who have been appointed by the Sodal Leadership of the CityChurch.

One CityChurch

All of the churches within the CityChurch are networked together, working to serve the progress of the gospel in Ames, Des Moines, and the surrounding communities. Our churches meet together on Sunday mornings for CityCenter, a weekly, church-wide equipping time, and for multiple other events throughout the year.  The CityChurch also carries a special stewardship, partnering with BILD International––an apostolic team that is based in the CityChurch and uses it as a hub for its complex apostolic network.

Vision for Expanding the CityChurch

We plan and pray that the CityChurch of Ames-Des Moines will spontaneously spread across the greater Ames-Des Moines area, establishing churches in many of the surrounding communities. Currently, we have churches meeting all across Ames and several sites in Altoona and Des Moines.