Our path for young men and women (aged 12–18), that helps them develop a lifelong vision and plan for investing their lives in the building of Christ’s church.

The Envision_Life Path

The Envision_Life Path is a path that blends learning, ministry, leadership opportunities, service, community, and fun into a “trial run at adulthood” experience.  It provides tools and opportunities for our families and churches to establish their young men and women in the faith, participate in ministry now, and transition into a lifetime of greater participation.

Opportunities and Activities:

Ordered Learning: Sunday Morning Studies
Each year our young men and women progress through a specific set of curriculum as part of our ordered learning process. As part of their transition to adult participation in the church family, our young men and women participate right alongside the adults in our Sunday morning ordered learning classes. The exception to this is the 7th and 8th grade years, because the curriculum is unique to those two years.

  • 7th Grade:  The WalkThrough, Becoming a Disciple, CityChurch Ministry Plan
  • 8th Grade:  Proverbs 1–9, Song of Solomon
  • 9th Grade:  First Principles Series I
  • 10th Grade:  First Principles Series II
  • 11th Grade:  Lifen
  • 12th Grade:  First Principles Series III

Youth Group Meetings (1st and 3rd Wednesday nights of each month • 6:30–8 pm)

Our middle and high school groups meet twice a month at the Oakwood Road Community Center.  These meetings provide our young men and women with a regular context where they gather together for the following purposes:

  • Planning for ministry together
  • Discussing relevant issues & topics
  • Encouraging and praying for one another
  • Ministering Together

As they grow and become established in their faith, we encourage and challenge our young men and women to work together, living their lives in a way that blesses and brings life to the individuals, families, schools, and communities that they are a part of.

Annual Events

Fall Retreat: A focused time at the beginning of the school year for our young adults to focus on individual and group development goals.
Winter Ski Trip: Our annual trips to Afton Alps (middle school) and Granite Peak Ski Area (high school) for group members and friends .

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of young men and women who are demonstrating leadership among their peers in their own spiritual growth and ministry. These young men and women are on the “frontlines” of the ministry field and help give shape and direction to the formal and informal ministry efforts of the group.

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