Children Contribute Through the Arts

Posted by Hannah Reeves | Published December 28, 2017

Children Contribute Through the Arts

Our network’s annual Christmas program is something our kids look forward to performing all year. Preschoolers proudly show off their costumes, elementary school students present songs they have worked so hard to learn, and a few budding young adults get to show off their acting prowess. Nancy Reed, who chooses each year’s play and oversees production, explains that “It’s a celebration for the kids each year. Through their performance they feel like they are really contributing to the whole network.” For some it’s also an opportunity to explore and practice their gifting. Take, for example, Ben Siegel, who is making his directorial debut with this year’s play. In many ways the play, in presenting the Christmas story, also serves as a culmination of the past year’s learning for children who have been involved in our network’s Kids Studies/Kid Stories on Sunday mornings. For adults, it’s a time to “aww” and chuckle at bumbling toddlers dressed up as camels, to be impressed with the maturing skills of our older children, and to show all of them that they matter a great deal to our Ames Des Moines CityChurch.

Photos by Hannah Kilmer

Copy by Laura Rendall

Editted by Caleb Keller

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